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Sustainability Advisory

As an environmental company, at the heart of our operations is sustainability.

Our core mandate is to work with a wide range of clients to enable them integrate sustainability in their operations. Our team is well versed with emerging paradigms in the environment sector, and are constantly evaluating and working out strategies to help our clients’ stream line their operations with the requirements of the SDGS.

We particularly have keen interest in SDG 1, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12 and 13, upon which our core expertise lies. To this end, we offer advisory services and help design projects in the following key sectors:

  • Circular Economy: Our focus in working with clients in rethinking their business models to adopt the circular model. We have consulted for different clients on waste management based on the circular economy model. Our team has been at the fore front in advocating for adoption of extended producer responsibility, adoption of the principle cradle to grave as well as Responsible Care (RC) Initiative.

  • Marine Litter working closely with our local partners, we have developed programs in partnership with local communities to manage marine litre, guided by the circular economy models. We are promoting the up cycling and recycling of select marine litter effectively converting them to a resource and thus a livelihood source for the local communities.